Yacht Charter

"This is the best charter that I have ever had".... My aim as Master of a Charter Yacht is to hear each client express this sentiment. Return bookings and word of mouth referrals is what makes a financially successful Charter Yacht. I have been lucky enough to charter with some fantastic clients in some of the world's most exotic locations.

The most important ingredient for receiving accolades from clients is to work with a handpicked crew who focus on total customer satisfaction. This passion to deliver the top service I install in my crew.

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As Master on a luxury yacht catering for maximum 12 guests, I have the opportunity to use my 20 years of experience to set the highest standards for the guests and owners and charter brokers.

I use my experience to give the customer a total package. I assist with itinerary planning for their holiday, food, wine and restaurant selections, selection of day excursions, helicopter and sightseeing opportunities, water sports options and equipment rentals, exercise requirements, daily reading material, communications. No details is too small, it is the details that makes the difference.


I have conducted charters in the beautiful waters in the western Caribbean, particularly around the stunning Belize area which is a must see destination 1998. I have also been spent time in the Micronesian archipelago around Palau which must be one of the most magical places on earth. I now spend a lot of time in the Mediterranean exploring its colourful history and fast diversity.

I have catered for up to 24 guests using my commercial qualifications and for the last 10 years have concentrated on luxury yacht charters .I use many of the commercial systems that I have learned to ensure all the safety, legal, operating standards are also at the highest level.


I have developed a complete chartering system which I use to ensure owners, charter brokers are charter clients all get the best service available.