History / References

Private yacht experience

My first private Yacht was in Palma Majorca 1998 later as far afield as Micronesia and Australia with a diverse range of owners. Visiting new and exciting locations or exploring isolated atolls in the Pacific Ocean I have been lucky enough to share these experiences with some wonderful employers. I ensure safety; security and service are at all times kept to the highest levels. Here is what one owner thought!

Charter Yacht experience

I started chartering to guests initially in coastal New Zealand waters 18 years ago. My operational experience now covers the Western Caribbean, Western Pacific, Micronesia and the Mediterranean. Charter work over the last 10 years has been predominantly motor yacht based with up to 12 guests on coastal-based motor yachts. I have also been Master on smaller exploration charter vessels taking up to 24 guests on exploration cruises from 7 day to 21-day charters. Here is what charter agent, Cavendish and White. think of my service!

I enjoy working with the charter clients on a one to one basis to make sure that they have "the best charter they have ever had". This also ensures that the vessel has return service and establishes a good charter reputation. It is reputation and return service that guarantee success in the competitive yacht charter sector.

Yacht Refit Experience

I have always had natural engineering skills from a young age and have developed those by completing qualifications up to Commercial Marine Engineer Class 3 (Yacht Class 2) and gaining experience overseeing many refits. This experience and my organizational abilities allow me to problem solve efficiently, and manage even large projects with ease.

Yacht Delivery Experience

Delivering Yachts on-time and in a safe manner across the Atlantic for me has been a rewarding experience made easy by my years spent working in the deep southern oceans. As my original training and experience came from the commercial sector my knowledge of the weather elements and how to read them make keeping to strict time restraints easy.


Underwater videography

Diving Experience

One of my great passions in life has been the underwater world. Being able to share this with owners and their families has been a great pleasure. By far the best experience to be had onboard a yacht is to take it to the remote sea-mounts in the Pacific and dive with the teeming fish life still out there. There are endless opportunities for exploration still left in the under water world; all you need is a good boat and Captain to get you there.

I am able to instruct in 25 specialties from being an underwater videographer, photographer, and wreck diver all the way to the other end of the experience to breath hold spear fishing. Seeing the look of joy on owners' or guests' faces, as they emerge from the underwater realm awestruck at its beauty is a true reward.

Maritime Law Experience

As my qualifications originated in New Zealand with both Royal New Zealand Coast guard and Maritime Safety Authority when I decided to operate in European waters I was required to sit for a UKLAP 1 law exam. This is what all foreign going Masters are required to do which required me to understand UK maritime law up to full commercial level. This module is far more comprehensive than is required for the Yacht Masters qualification.

It has now paid dividends and I enjoy applying my knowledge base to the now increasing litigious Yachting industry. I have been called upon on numerous occasions over the last few years to implement legal strategy for an owner to protect their interests and I enjoy the challenges that this entails.