Yacht Refit Project Manager

I have been managing refit projects since 1988 on my own commercial vessels and in the last 12 years on private or charter yachts. The main focus is to have the project completed on time and in budget while ensuring that the highest quality workmanship is obtained at a reasonable price.

yacht refit
  • Project Direction and Drive
  • Shipyard selection
  • Contract preparation
  • Project reporting and updates
  • Quality control onsite
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Timeline Monitoring
  • Flag state and Class surveys
  • Refit Work-list preparation
  • Sea Trails and Operations

Yacht Refit Worklist

Completing a full refit work list at the onset is a necessity and updating this list as the period evolves. All areas of the vessel must be covered an all items listed. Owners' requests as well as engineers, interior, deck and bridge requirements must be itemised.

Yacht Refit Budget

A yacht refit budget for the work period should be agreed upon with contingency in place. The owner should be prepared for total expenditure and stage payments must be agreed upon. A schedule of payments agreed with the contractors and yard must be presented to the owner.

Yacht Refit Schedule

Pre-planning of a refit period leads to a successful operation and I use a special weekly scheduling system which all contractors have.

Being dual qualified as Master and Chief Engineer and having worked for many years on charter and private yachts I can give in depth advice on what will practically work.

Quality control is achieved by presenting work orders for all parties to agree upon and on-site supervision by experienced staff. All deficiencies from original specifications are addressed before signing off on jobs.

I use a project monitoring system which gives an in-depth weekly report with step by step photographs showing progress which is sent to management or owners so they can stay informed on the project's progress.

On site I place a time keeper whose job it is to keep daily records of all time spent on the actual job by contractors and yard employees. This information is used for final negotiations of invoices bearing in mind that quotes have to reflect acceptable working hours actually spent completing assigned task.